Our Origin & Mission

Our Origin & Mission

Sometimes it takes God shaking up your life. Sometimes it takes him overturning all the familiar ground in your life and changing all the plans you thought you wanted and that you thought were his plans for your life; Just to bring you to the place where you can, for the first time in your life, ask the serious question from a place of genuin curiosity to the one who holds all the answers. "What is my Purpose?"

It took me coming to this place to finally set aside time alone with God to discover for myself the answer to this question. I soon learned the hidden gifts and tallents he had placed within me. Gifts that he wants me to use and desires that he wants me to pursue. Thus the idea to start a Christian brand was born in my mind.

The revelation for the name "Supernatural Grit" didnt come until i started to pray and ask what God wanted me to call it

Not long after i came across a video on Instagram of a woman praying for men and how hard it is to walk in the ways of God in todays society. She prayed that God would give men "Supernatural Grit" to be strong in the days in which we live. That phrase "Supernatural Grit" leaped out at me and immediately knew that was that name of the brand.

SUPERNATURAL means: "beyond and above the natural.This is where God operates. It is the realm, where heaven and the earth intermingle; the realm of interaction between God and man. God wants His children to live and operate from this realm."

GRIT means: "steadfastness and endurance; We live in a fallen world where we face challenging circumstances every day. Christians with Godly grit dont grow weary or lose heart; we keep out eyes fixed on Jesus for the long haul no matter what challenges come our way.

Our Mission and Prayer is that God would use this brand to encourage our brothers and sisters in the faith. That God would equip all of us with Supernatural Grit to walk with confidence and boldness as a light in this dark world. To show others the light of Jesus Christ in how we live for him.